Data Collection


    • Career Pathways Student Report 23-24
      The Career Pathways Student Reports are used to collect data that is analyzed and used to inform statewide and individual program career pathways programming and activities. The Career Pathways Student Report is a PDF, designed to be downloaded, filled in, and submitted DIGITALLY. Do not print and scan the reports.
    • Career Pathways Student Report Summary Companion
      The questions in this companion document can help your program investigate ways to use data for program improvement, to align activities to your workforce development area local plan, and to improve students’ transitions to self-sustaining careers.

Program Self-Assessment

The program self-assessments can be used by adult education program staff to develop a comprehensive scope and sequence for the Career Awareness Context. For planning purposes, assessment tools to guide the identification and prioritization of career pathways strategies, and interventions.  These assessment tools are designed to guide programs and individual practitioners in the identification of resources and implementation strategies for key career pathways components. For planning purposes, staff can work together to determine which areas to include in their career pathways interventions.

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