Tutor Coordinators

Tutors coordinators serve an important role in helping to recruit, orient, and train tutors as well as providing ongoing support. Below are resources that can support your work. If you have additional questions or needs, please contact Rachel Baron, Professional Learning Opportunities Project, at rbaron@tiu11.org.

Volunteer Tutor and Classroom Aide Webinar Series

This series of webinars provided  tutors and classroom aides access to experts from across the state, including teachers, program staff, and other volunteers. Topics relate to student goals, academic subjects, technology, and general teaching skills. Click on the links below to view recordings that can be shared with tutors or used as part of your tutor training. 

Recordings: YouTube videos playlist


Tutor Coordinator Resource Hub

The Tutor Coordinator Resource Hub is a space for tutor coordinators, and other staff who manage volunteer tutors and classroom aides in adult education programs, to access resources for training and support of volunteer tutors and classroom aides. Resources include:


  • Tutor and Volunteer Management Tools
  • Information about the Tutor Training Modules
  • Links to the Volunteer Tutor and Classroom Aide webinar recordings and slides

Suggestion Box

We are looking for ways to improve our professional development support for volunteer tutors and classroom aides in Pennsylvania adult education programs. Please take a moment to let us know what would help you and your program.

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