Tutors play a valuable role in helping adult learners reach their goals. The resources below will help you learn more about tools and strategies you can use in your tutoring. Are you interested in volunteering?  If so, visit our Find a Class page to find the contact information for a local adult education program and contact them to see if they are in need of volunteer tutors.


Tutoring Routines

Tutoring Routines are flexible instructional methods that volunteers can use daily or weekly, adjusting the content as needed to meet the needs of their student(s). Tutors can incorporate one or two of the routines into their lessons, and classroom aides can use routines with individuals or groups of students as directed by the lead instructor. Tutoring Routines are standards-aligned and provide students with structured, regular practice with key academic skills.

Tutoring Routine
Content Area
Tutor Materials
Student Materials
Analyzing an Author's Purpose
ABE and ESL Intermediate-Advanced
And Another Question ...
Speaking and Listening
ESL High Beginning-Advanced
Decide and Defend
ABE High Beginning-Advanced
No student materials
ABE Intermediate-Advanced
Plot Twists: Grammar Rules and Parts of Speech
ABE and ESL High Beginning-Advanced
Quadrant Chart (Vocabulary)
ABE and ESL High Beginning-Advanced
Three Reads (Math)
ABE High Beginning-Advanced
No student materials
Which One Doesn't Belong?
ABE Beginning-Advanced

Tutor Modules

Nine tutor training modules are available in the PD Portal to support the training of volunteer tutors and classroom aides. Each module takes approximately one hour to complete. Tutor coordinators work with each volunteer to identify which training modules to complete, based on the needs of the volunteer and their assigned students:


      • Tutoring Routines
      • Teaching Adults
      • Teaching Adult Basic Education (ABE)
      • Teaching English as a Second Language
      • Lesson Planning
      • Using Textbooks and Authentic Materials
      • Preparing Students for the High School Equivalency Exams
      • Teaching Strategies
      • Learning Differences  

Find a Class

Interested in becoming a volunteer tutor?  Contact one of our adult education programs to learn more.

Submit a Suggestion

We are looking for ways to improve our professional development support for volunteer tutors and classroom aides in Pennsylvania adult education programs. Please take a moment to let us know what would help you and your program.

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