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Communications Project

  • Using the PA Adult Education Resources website (
  • Being added to the PDS email list
  • Sharing newsletter ideas, including student success stories

Destiny Simpson

Matt Manfred

Leslie Petersheim

Digital Literacy & Distance Education Technical Assistance Project

  • Using technology in instruction
  • Increasing students’ and staff’s digital literacy skills
  • Offering approved forms of distance learning
  • Requesting curriculum to be added to the distance learning curriculum list

Chuck Klinger

Bethany Lezanic

Rachel Baron

Sarah Whitesel 

Sue Wilt 

Integrated Education and Training (IET)

  • Developing IETs
  • Implementing IETs
  • Building and strengthening IET program partnerships

Chrissie Klinger

Allison Ludlow

 eData Tech Support

  • Collecting student and program data
  • Entering data into eData
  • Solving eData issues
  • Using the eData Access database template
  • Analyzing data
Michael McCarty
Steve Linnes

Professional Learning Opportunities (ProLO)

  • Identifying program improvement and professional development needs
  • Planning program improvement and professional development activities
  • Supporting standards-aligned lesson planning and instruction
  • Supporting staff professional development through courses, Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), mentoring, coaches, and In House Professional Development Specialists (IHPDSs)


Chelsea DeLeo

Sara Cole

Jonathan Edwards

Callie Hazan

Maribel Ojeda

Dyan Schauer

Rachel Baron

Technology Project

Destiny Simpson

PD Portal Support

Workforce Development System Liaison Project

  • Aligning workforce development programming within the adult education system
  • Building capacity to address WIOA
  • Creating partnership with workforce development partners to support learners’ career pathways
  • Providing high-quality student support services by agency student support coordinators

Chrissie Klinger

Loretta Lininger

Alexis Vang