PD Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Accounts, Registration, and Catalog of Offerings

Q: How do I request an account?
If you are working at an adult basic education agency funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), the following people can request an account using the PD Portal New User Account Requests steps.

  • In-House Professional Development Specialist – will request accounts for agency staff
  • Tutor Coordinator – will request accounts for volunteer tutors
  • Administrators – will request accounts for agency staff or volunteer tutors

If you are not affiliated with a PDE-funded agency, please contact Christine Houck at chouck@pa.gov to determine if you are eligible for an account.

Q: How do I log in?
Go to: https://pdportal.paadultedresources.org/learn and click on Sign In.  If you receive an error message unrelated to an incorrect username or password, clearing your internet browser’s cache may alleviate the issue.

Q: How can I view the catalog of offerings when I am logged in?
Follow the steps below:

  • Click the “Menu” icon. The icon is located in the upper-left corner of your screen and looks like three parallel, horizontal lines.
  • When the menu opens, click the “Course Catalog” option.
  • On the catalog page, click to open the Professional Learning Opportunities Catalog and view the complete course listing.

Q: How do I register for a course?
Follow the directions below or watch this help video on how to register for a course.

  • Browse the Professional Learning Opportunities Catalog on the PD Portal homepage to view current offerings.
  • Review the description and download the syllabus to determine if this is the best professional learning opportunity for you. It is important to review the syllabus because it contains the beginning and end dates for the offering, prerequisites, assignment due dates, and resources needed to complete the course.
  • Get approval from your administrator to enroll in the training.
  • Click on the “Enroll” button.
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration. If you are placed on a wait list, a message will appear on the screen.

Q: How do I sign up for a LINCS course?
Please view the first time taking a LINCS course instructions.

Q: How can I suggest a topic for a new course?
Please contact your agency consultant.

Q: How can I request a course to be offered again?
Please contact your agency consultant.

Completing Course Activities

Q: How do I upload a document?
Professional learning offerings in the PD Portal often include activities where you may have to upload a document, such as a certificate of completion from another course or an assignment. Below are the steps for uploading a document or watch this video on how to upload a document.

  • Locate the assignment upload page in your course.
  • Click the button that says “GO TO SUBMISSION AREA.”
  • Where it says “Assignment Name,” type in a name for your assignment.
  • Click on the “Upload a File” button to open your computer’s file navigator.
  • Once the file navigator is open, locate and double-click on the file you would like to upload.
  • Click the “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT” button to finish submitting your assignment.
  • Your file will upload, and the screen will say “Assignment is in evaluation. Wait for your final score.”

Q: How do I post to the discussion forums?
Some courses in the PD Portal include discussion forums, which are designed to foster conversation among participants about various course topics. To learn how to participate in discussion forums, follow the steps below or watch this video on how to post to the discussion forum.

  • Locate and read the directions for the discussion forum in your course.
  • Click the link provided to go directly to the discussion.
  • On the discussion page, read the course facilitator’s prompt.
  • Click the large “Reply” button in the upper left corner of the screen to reply to the prompt and create your post.
  • To reply to a classmate, click on the small “Reply” button under their post.
  • Whether you elect to write your own response or to reply to another participant’s response, when you click “Reply,” a text editing box will open. Type your response into the text editor, then click the “Save Changes” button to post your response.

Q: Why does my quiz say 0% after I submit it?
If a quiz you have taken contains only multiple-choice questions, your quiz will be scored automatically through the PD Portal, and the percentage will reflect the percentage of questions you answered correctly. If the quiz contains multiple-choice questions and text response questions or all text response questions, then it will require facilitator grading before a final score posts. Facilitators grade course assignments within three to five business days.

Course Completion

Q: Why is my course listed as “In Progress”?
Your status in a course will not be marked as completed until you have completed all activities, and the course facilitator has graded all assignments, including the course evaluation. Facilitators grade assignments within three to five business days. If you have questions about your status in a course, please contact your facilitator.

Q: How can I download a certificate of completion?
Follow the directions below or watch this video on how to download a certificate.

  • Click on the “Menu” icon on the top left side of the screen to access the menu. This icon looks like 3 horizontal lines.
  • Click on “My Activities.”
  • Click on “Courses.”
  • On the right of side of the course information row, you should see an icon that looks like a certificate.
  • Click on this icon to download your certificate. If you do not see the certificate icon, please contact your course instructor to ensure that you have completed all of the course requirements.

Reporting and Tracking

Q: How can I see all of the offerings I have participated in?
Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of your screen to access the menu. This icon looks like three horizontal lines.
  • Click on “My Activities.”
  • Click on “Courses.”
  • All courses you have been enrolled in will be listed. You may need to scroll through multiple pages to see all the courses.

Q: How can administrators monitor staff and volunteer enrollments in the PD Portal?
Administrators, in-house professional development specialists, and tutor coordinators can run reports in the PD Portal that list the courses that staff members and volunteer tutors have enrolled in, along with their completion status. Please see the PD Portal Agency Guide to New Reports for directions on how to run reports in the PD Portal.

Q: What does my course status mean?
This field indicates a participant’s status within individual courses. There are several options:

  • “Completed” indicates the participant has completed all assignments for the course and has been given credit for completing the course.
  • “In Progress” indicates that the participant has begun work in the course, but has not yet finished the course. If a learner starts a course but does not complete it, the learner’s status will remain as “in progress.”
  • “Subscribed” indicates a participant has been subscribed to a course but has not yet accessed it.
  • “Waiting Users” indicates a participant has been placed on a waiting list for a course. Someone from the Professional Development System will contact the participant.
  • “Suspended” indicates that the user has been suspended from the course.

Q: When will my Act 48 credit be awarded?
Act 48 credit is awarded quarterly for each activity when all of the following criteria are met:

  • The professional learning offering is eligible for Act 48 credit.
  • The participant has completed all course activities, including the evaluation, and is marked as “Completed” in the PD Portal.
  • A PPID# has been entered into the PD Portal for the user.

Please contact the PD Portal Tech Support at pdportal@tiu11.org if you have any questions about Act 48 credit.

Tech Support/PD Portal User Guide

Q: Where can I find the User Guide for the PD Portal?
You can find the PD Portal User Guide here, on your dashboard when you are logged into the PD Portal, and in the file repository area of your courses.

Q: Whom should I contact if I need tech support?
Please email pdportal@tiu11.org or call 717-248-4942 ext. 154.  Tech Support will respond to your request within one business day.

Q: When can I expect a reply?
Tech support will acknowledge receipt of your email within one business day.  Staff will work to resolve issues as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that some issues may be due to the platform not working correctly and will take longer to resolve since the platform vendor will need to address the issue.

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