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eData Access Template Guide

The eData Access Database Template is a tool available for agencies to use with exported data from the eData system. 

workforce training

Integrated Education & Training (IET)

Learn about IET and accelerated opportunities to support learners’ workforce goals.

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Adult Assessments

Access resources to support assessing learners’ skills.

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We serve as the central hub for everything related to adult basic education in Pennsylvania.

Lesson Bank

Download and use CCRS-aligned lessons with your students.

PD Portal

View the catalog of professional learning opportunities.

Job Postings

View current job openings in adult education programs.

On-Demand PD

View online modules and courses that are available 24/7.



Learn about the latest state and national adult education news. 

PA Foundation Skills

Discover the skills adult learners need for success.

PA Adult Education Resources

At PAAER, we support practitioners in their work with learners and partners by offering them accessible training, technical assistance, coaching, and other targeted support.

The Pennsylvania Professional Development System (PDS) is a group of projects that work together to support adult education and family literacy agencies. The overarching goal of the Professional Development System is to impact and improve student outcomes. The PDS supports agencies, administrators, teachers, tutors, student support coordinators, and data management staff in a process of continuous program improvement. 

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Explore the comprehensive range of resources and information tailored for agency administrators. Uncover valuable insights and tools to optimize your administrative role and ensure the effective functioning of your agency.


Explore a wide range of resources, including customized lesson plans and digital literacy materials, designed to elevate your teaching and tutoring experiences with adult learners.


Explore the world of precise and comprehensive data collection, entry, and analysis to enhance your program planning and foster continuous improvement.


Workforce/Career Pathways

Discover an array of resources and valuable information related to career pathways and workforce training. Explore opportunities that can empower your learners to make informed decisions and advance along their desired career journey.

Professional Development (PD)

Unlock a wealth of knowledge and strategies aimed at enriching your adult education practice. Explore a diverse array of methods and opportunities, equipping you with the tools to continuously improve and excel in your role as an educator.

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