Working with Others

Working with Others

Interacts, cooperates, collaborates, and manages conflicts with other people within a team ororganization to complete tasks and achieve shared goals.

Competency Number



Works effectively in teams.
Works within organizational structure and culture.
Uses leadership skills to take initiative.
Resolves conflicts through negotiation.
Respects differences and diversity.
Engages positively with customers and stakeholders.
Seeks information and assistance appropriately from others.


☐ Understands personal roles and responsibilities when collaborating asa team.
☐ Demonstrates when and how to seek feedback from team members.
☐ Listens attentively, considers different viewpoints, and respondsrespectfully to team members.
☐ Interprets verbal and nonverbal communication efforts of otherscorrectly.
☐ Avoids use of stereotypical language and comments.
☐ Knows how one’s work unit is connected to other work units withinorganization.
☐ Adapts to organizational change as it occurs.
☐ Displays a positive attitude and sense of self-worth.
☐ Manages time, money, and resources effectively to meet team goalsand objectives.
☐ Organizes work to meet project goals and team roles.
☐ Knows organization’s steps for grievance or dispute resolution.
☐ Controls volume, pitch, and body language to convey messageeffectively to others with differing viewpoints.
☐ Demonstrates respect for individual differences (e.g., age, race,culture, gender, and abilities).
☐ Considers personal bias and assumptions when communicating with others.
☐ Helps coworkers understand tasks, find resources, and fulfill assignedroles.
☐ Uses appropriate digital platforms, multimedia tools, and visuals (e.g.,large print or closed captioning) to be inclusive and meet the needs ofall members of the team.
☐ Aligns behaviors to match organization’s mission and vision.
☐ Uses appropriate language and communication styles whencommunicating with others inside and outside of the organization.
☐ Demonstrates empathy, a positive attitude, honesty, patience,diplomacy, and leadership when engaging with customers ands takeholders.
☐ Displays flexibility.
☐ Identifies communication channels within organization and communicates problems to appropriate people.
☐ Recognizes strengths and assets of other team members.