Utilizing Resources

Utilizing Resources

Identifies and measures effective resources and makes the most of available resources to achieve desiredobjectives.

Competency Number



Uses time effectively.
Manages money.
Selects and uses appropriate tools and materials for tasks.
Thinks creatively.


☐ Organizes, plans, and completes individual activities in a timely manner.
☐ Organizes and plans within a team to create action steps andcomplete tasks on or before expected deadlines.
☐ Appropriately allocates funds to stay within a budget.
☐ Determines ways to reduce costs, save resources, and increase profits.
☐ Determines when it is appropriate to estimate and when a precisecalculation must be done.
☐ Considers costs and benefits when selecting materials and tools for tasks.
☐ Chooses and uses appropriate communication methods for tasks thatinvolve internal and/or external customers.
☐ Seeks feedback from others to determine reliability of resources.
☐ Identifies new ways to use resources to increase efficiency, reducecosts, or improve product or process.
☐ Analyzes relationships between resources and then develops andshares new ideas related to the resources with others.