Using Information

Using Information

Uses observations, experiential information, and data to communicate and support the decision-making process.

Competency Number



Locates information.
Organizes and uses information.
Analyzes information.
Communicates information securely and effectively to others.


☐ Identifies purpose and need for information.
☐ Uses analytical strategies to determine the best medium for findingnecessary information.
☐ Uses graphic organizers, charts, spreadsheets, and other software toorganize and sort data.
☐ Prioritizes resources based on task, purpose, complexity, and timefactors.
☐ Determines amount and variety of information necessary to effectively complete task.
☐ Assesses information and determines relevance to current and future situations.
☐ Seeks feedback from others, as necessary, about reliability ofinformation received.
☐ Assesses and reflects on the results of analysis.
☐ Summarizes and distributes information to others following expected procedures within the workplace.
☐ Composes written or oral presentations that use appropriate language, eliminate personal biases, and use vocabulary appropriate for the audience.