Transition Skills

Transition Skills

Navigates change in personal and professional environments while remaining flexible and adaptable.

Competency Number



Evaluates personal skills, strengths, values, and beliefs to inform decisions.
Uses problem solving skills to evaluate and eliminate options.
Applies skills in new contexts.
Develops plan.
Implements plan.
Evaluates plan.


☐ Identifies and works to remove personal barriers to learning new things.
☐ Demonstrates an interest in (and pursues) continuing education.
☐ Recognizes and adjusts to changes that cause an increase in stress on the job.
☐ Seeks clarification and understanding, when needed.
☐ Makes wise self-directed learning choices.
☐ Negotiates pros and cons of ideas, approaches, and solutions andanalyzes options using "if-then" rationale.
☐ Works with coworkers to apply new skills and knowledge on the job.
☐ Reflects on using skills in new contexts and determines additional knowledge needs.
☐ Accepts new or changed job responsibilities and uses appropriate skills with new duties.
☐ Identifies career pathway options within current organization.
☐ Assesses one’s strengths and limitations while maintaining a growth mindset to effectively determine goals and action steps.
☐ Determines steps, procedures, and/or approaches for addressing tasks.
☐ Creates and implements plan to increase skills and knowledge to progress along career pathway.
☐ Demonstrates growth mindset by persevering to accomplish tasks that are difficult.
☐ Devises methods to evaluate personal performance.
☐ Uses data to inform decisions and create new goals and action steps.