Distance Learning Project

The Distance Learning Project (DLP) works with local adult education programs to provide online and correspondence courses for adults who want to study outside of the traditional classroom setting.  Students have a distance teacher that provides guidance, feedback, and encouragement. 

Students can prepare for high school equivalency tests, the workplace, or post-secondary education and training. English language learners can also improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. For more information, please go to the Distance Learning Project website.

Study options:

  • Blended distance learning – attend classes and/or tutoring and also participate in distance learning classes
  • Distance learning only – students participate in distance learning classes only

Benefits of distance learning:

  • Students can continue to study if they can no longer attend class
  • Increase the amount of instruction students receive by using a blended distance learning model
  • Target student’s specific needs
  • Improve digital literacy skills by participating in online curriculum and synchronous webinar classes