Self-Management Skills

Self-Management Skills

Takes responsibility for one's own emotions, thoughts, and values and recognizes their impact on one's ownand others’ behavior in different situations.

Competency Number



Anticipates change and adapts to new situations.
Demonstrates responsibility and self-discipline.
Completes work independently and takes initiative.
Demonstrates integrity.
Demonstrates professionalism.
Demonstrates a growth mindset.
Perseveres to accomplish goals.


☐ Remains calm while processing information and problems.
☐ Identifies and uses support systems to alleviate stress.
☐ Adapts and shows flexibility when tasks, procedures, processes, orpeople change within the workplace.
☐ Demonstrates promptness and avoids excessive absenteeism.
☐ Does not attend to personal business when on the job.
☐ Accepts responsibility for mistakes and develops plan to reduce futureproblems.
☐ Takes stock of emotions, thoughts, and values and recognizes theimpact on one’s behavior.
☐ Follows health and safety rules and procedures.
☐ Sets goals, prioritizes tasks, and completes tasks in a timely manner.
☐ Takes responsibility for professional growth.
☐ Maintains healthy lifestyle (e.g., no substance abuse).
☐ Follows rules, regulations, and instructions.
☐ Shows concern for quality in one’s work.
☐ Maintains appropriate grooming and hygiene.
☐ Dresses appropriately and adheres to established dress codes.
☐Uses social media responsibly and represents oneself accordingly.
☐ Demonstrates positive self-efficacy and works to build self-confidenceto accomplish new and challenging tasks.
☐ Demonstrates a willingness to learn new things and accept newresponsibilities.
☐ Accepts constructive criticism and overall supervision and strives to improve.
☐ Perseveres when work is difficult and maintains positive attitude.
☐ Identifies and addresses personal barriers to success at work.
☐ Seeks help and support as needed to accomplish goals.