Uses technology to safely communicate with others, recognizing the impact on digital footprints. Selects fromnumerous digital communication tools and platforms to meet personal and professional goals, adapting to evolvingtechnology as needed.

Competency Number



Sends and Manages Email: Uses email for professional and personal communication, avoiding spam and phishing schemes. Uses tools and features of an email platform to organize and save communications and includes non-text features like attachments and images when appropriate.
Engages with Social Media: Uses social media to create, share, and view content. Monitors digital footprint and manages accounts and activity to maintain desired levels of privacy.
Selects Communication Tools:Uses other internet-based communication tools effectively. Strategically chooses tools for different purposes and contexts.


Level 1: Completes the process for creating an email account, composes,sends, and replies to emails, seeking assistance as needed. (C 3.1.1)
Level 2: Composes and sends email messages, adds features to emailcommunications, and demonstrates the use of tools to organize emailcommunications. (C 3.1.2)
Level 3: Optimizes email account settings and assesses the terms/limitsestablished by an email provider. Demonstrates awareness of thesecurity issues with email communication and the digital footprint that itcreates. (C 3.1.3)
Level 1: Identifies and describes the steps for creating an account on asocial media platform and identifies the content shared by others.(C 3.2.1)
Level 2: Identifies and describes the active use of a social media platformto share/exchange content with others and examines perceptions ofposted content. (C 3.2.2)
Level 3: Accesses and adjusts the settings associated with managingsocial media accounts. Assesses the privacy concerns and digitalfootprint created by social media content and formulates a plan to makenecessary changes. (C 3.2.3)
Level 1: Explores and identifies internet communication tools. (C 3.3.1)
Level 2: Demonstrates use of internet tools to communicate personallyor professionally. (C 3.3.2)
Level 3: Explores the settings in communication tools and adjusts themaccording to need. (C 3.3.3)