eData Access Database Template

The eData Access Database Template is a tool available for agencies to use with exported data from the eData system. The database provides data reports and queries that allow agencies to manage program data and check data for errors and/or missing information. In addition, the database file allows agencies to create custom data reports and queries for more detailed data analysis. To set up the database template, view the short online module or read the instructions sheet below.  For additional information, contact eData Tech Support at 1-877-857-8869 or eDataTechSupport@psu.edu.

NOTE: Due to a current Windows update, you may experience an error message when importing data into the eData Access Database template. The message says “Run-time error ‘3340’: Query is corrupt.” This message is a result of the aforementioned Windows update and is not a real error in Access. To bypass the error message, simply click on the End button in the error message, and the template should then display a message that the template has updated successfully. This message should have no impact on your data, and you should be able to continue to use the template as before. The only noticeable effect at this time is that the Last Update and eData Download dates on the main form will not update to reflect your new data. However, this does not impact your actual data in the template.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and noted that they are working a fix tentatively planned for a December 10, 2019 release. Until the fix from Microsoft becomes available, you may continue to use the template and bypass the error message by following the steps described above. If you have questions, you can contact the eData Tech Support Line at 1-877-857-8869 or email eData Tech Support at eDataTechSupport@psu.edu.

Current Template File

Support for using the Template

Prior Years’ Template Files

eData Tech Support Contact Information: Call 877.857.8869 or email eDataTechSupport@psu.edu

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