Course Schedule

Upcoming professional development activities for adult education practitioners

The Course Schedule includes a listing of professional development activities.  Formats include online courses, face-to-face trainings, on-demand courses, study circles, and communities of practice (CoP). If you have a professional development need that is not addressed below, please contact your Lead Consultant.

Online TABE Initial Implementation Training On-Demand
Staff will be administering and interpreting the TABE assessment. All TABE-trained staff must complete TABE training every three years.
Online CASAS Initial Implementation Training On-Demand
Participants will be administrating and interpreting the CASAS assessment.  All CASAS-trained staff must complete the CASAS training every two years.
BEST Literacy Initial Implementation Training
Staff will be administering and interpreting the BEST Literacy assessment. All BEST-trained staff must complete BEST training every three years.
BEST Plus Test Administrating Training
Staff will be administering, scoring and interpreting the BEST Plus scores.
BEST Plus Scoring Refresher
Staff will be participate in BEST Plus scoring activities and have an opportunity to discuss their questions.
Online GAIN Administrator Training
Staff will be administering and interpreting the GAIN assessment. All GAIN-trained staff must complete GAIN training every two years.
Career Pathways

Foundation Skills Framework
Participants will learn a basic foundation for new adult education instructors, experienced instructors, program administrators, and case managers who want an overview of the Foundation Skills Framework (FSF).

Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE and ESOL classroom: A Study Circle to Accompany the Curriculum Guide (A LINCS course)
Practitioners will learn about career planning lessons and tools contained in the Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE and ESOL Classroom (ICA) curriculum guide and other career planning resources.

Regional Workforce Development Planning and Implementation Community of Practice
Practitioners will learn more about regional workforce development and its impact on program improvement.

Finding True North: Role of the Navigator Course
Case managers, career coaches, and career pathways team members will complete a variety of activities to prepare students for successful postsecondary transition using this self-paced online World Education course.

Community of Practice

Teaching Reading Skills to Low Level Learners Community of Practice (CoP)
Teachers and volunteers tutors interested in improving reading instruction for lower level learners, including individuals with a diagnosis of special needs.

Math Community of Practice (CoP)
Math instructors will use the standards of mathematical practices (referred to as “math practices”) in their math instruction. Math instructors will participate in four mandatory webinars with assignments between webinars, and informal check-ins with facilitators.

Classroom Toolkit and Adaptive Instruction Community of Practice (CoP)
Instructors will focus on what is currently happening in the classroom and modifying traditional instruction to meet the learning needs of their students.

Teaching Math in the ESL Classroom Community of Practice (CoP)
Teachers will focus on designing activities, which incorporate language and math in ways that can be adapted to fit a variety of learners’ needs, backgrounds, and levels.


e-Data v2 Introduction
Program staff will learn how to enter adult education and family literacy data.

Family Literacy

Adult and Child Interactive Reading Inventory (ACIRI)                             
Family Literacy staff will address the benefits of the ACIRI assessment and curriculum to family literacy programs, adults and children, review logistics of implementing the ACIRI assessment and curriculum, and explore the ACIRI assessment behaviors and how to observe them.

Early Learning Accomplishments Profile (ELAP)                                                                                                 
Staff will review child development milestones to evaluate and score the Early Learning Accomplishments Profile (ELAP).

Family Literacy Foundations                                                                          
Family literacy staff and partners will learn ways to improve the delivery of the Interactive Literacy Activity (ILA) component.

New Staff Required Courses

Adult Education Overview
Adult education program staff will be assigned an experienced peer to assist each participant in connecting and relating course information and content to agency protocol and process.


Planning Standards-aligned Lessons
Teachers will plan and submit a lesson to the activity facilitators, receive feedback, make necessary revisions, then deliver their standards-aligned lesson.

Online Tutor Coordinator Training
Tutor coordinators will view recorded webinars, participate in online discussions and complete assignments to effectively manage volunteer tutors in adult education programs.

ESL Basics: Second Language Acquisition and Principles of Second Language Teaching
Participants will complete two online LINCS courses, upload completion certificates, and complete a culminating activity to help teachers plan, implement, and manage ESL instruction.